Guest Book

Nancy and Clary Stubbert

Monday, October 16, 2017

While we will not be joining you on your most special day we want to wish you both every happiness. I am sure it will be truly amazing. Our best wishes as you begin your lives together. Health and Happiness!

Connie and David Faas

Monday, October 16, 2017

What a cool website - it is a lot of fun! We are looking forward to the wedding, in a beautiful location. Our skis and skates are ready, along with our wedding finery; we'll be there for a few days to share the fun.


Sunday, October 8, 2017

I cant wait to spend new years with you guys! Its been such an amazing year of weddings and I get to cap it off with you two beauties in the greatest of places!

Breanne & Des

Friday, October 6, 2017

We are so thrilled for you both - you have found your true soul mate! Nothing better than that! We can't wait to celebrate with you! Lots of love to you both!

Jeanette and Pete

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Congratulations to you both! We wish you luck, health, happiness and joy but most of all love. We will raise a glass to you both for a long happy life and marriage filled with all of these things. Really fun and unique invite and way to connect your guests to your story, well done!! Love, J & P

uncle grant aunt jean

Sunday, October 1, 2017

as you are our" favorite" neice natalie it is only goes Aaron will be" favorite" nephew!!!! flights booked, rooms booked bring it on xo

Andrew Merrick

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Aaron, congrats man!

Ken and Doreen Bills

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Looking forward to celebrating with you!

Darrell and Judy Sailer

Thursday, September 21, 2017

So happy to be able to share your special day with you! All our love.

Jenna Sailer

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Trevor and I will be attending your big day!!

The Nowaks

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Trying to still work out all the details, but we can't wait to celebrate with you!!! Hope things go smoothly down the stretch :)


Friday, September 15, 2017

We are delighted for you both and look forward to being a part of your big day. Sayde is already dreaming of the cake. Monroe is planning for her first dance and Carla and I are looking forward to bringing in 2018 in style. Love to you both.

Lindsay & Alex Giovos

Friday, September 15, 2017

This is just the CUTEST thing. We can't wait for your wedding weekend! xo

lorna silver

Thursday, September 14, 2017

This invitation is outstanding, so beautiful to meet the groom, and have some family history on the site. We have many memories together with your family, especially New Years at Kananaskis. WE will be at your wedding Natalie and Aaron. We will stay two nights, and look forward to the celebrations. You two look so happy together! Luv Lorna and Brian

Susan Mason

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Really enjoyed perusing your website this morning! What a fun story! Thanks for sharing it. Best wishes for the weeks of preparation still ahead. Looking forward to joining you for your big day (and related activities). With love, Aunt Susan

Glenna and Derek Logan

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

So very excited to be a part of your special day. Loved the journey through your album. Definitely very creative and a great way to feel a part of your life's journey together so far. Thank you so much for sharing Part 1. Love Glenna and Derek.

Mike Mason

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Hi guys, Great book; lots of fun to read.. Enjoyed it with my morning coffee. Aunt Sue and I look forward to a wonderful weekend.. See you there!!!! Uncle Mike

Our Wedding

Contact Us

If you have any questions about anything, please feel free to message either Aaron or Natalie at your convenience.

Aaron and Natalie

Aaron Riddle

P: 403-809-5248

Natalie Mason

P: 403-689-0073

Our Wedding

Things To Do

Dog Sled Tours

Family owned and operated business with an undeniable passion for the sport of dog sledding and the beautiful husky heroes in their care.

If you are interested in learning more about the different tours that are offered and/or booking a reservation, this company comes highly recommended in Canmore.

Please feel free to contact their team either by email or phone


Phone: 403-678-4369

Get Pampered at the Spa!

What is a weekend away without some spa time?? If you are interested in spoiling yourself with a little "me" time, we would like to recommend the following two options!

Option 1: Rapunzels Salon and Spa


Phone: 403-678-2626

**Fun Fact: This oasis is just across the street from our hotel!

Option 2: Willow Stream Spa at Fairmount Banff Springs


Phone: 403-762-1772

**Fun Fact: You might never want to leave if you go here!

Skating on the Pond!

1100 7 Ave, Canmore, AB T1W 1Z1

Show off your ice-skating skills at Canmore’s famous downtown Pond. Just two blocks North of downtown Canmore on 7 Ave, the downtown pond hosts numerous winter events and festivals.

There's even a heated gazebo for lacing up your skates and warming up. It’s the perfect place to play a little hockey, go for a romantic skate, or take the kids.

Nakiska Ski Resort!

Want to hit the hill for a day on this winter getaway? Nakiska Ski Resort is only a 35 minute drive from the Coast Canmore Hotel.

You can either choose to snowboard and/or ski or perhaps venture to the Tube Park for a few thrilling rides!!

Plan ahead and visit the website so that you can learn more about lift tickets, rental prices and how much snow is currently on the hill!

Our Wedding


Hudson's Bay

Please be aware that gifts are not necessary.

We are truly grateful for your love, support and presence on our wedding day.

To keep life simple, and if you so choose,

The bride and groom have organized a gift registry of their favorite things at Hudson’s Bay.

To access our registry, please click the link above and enter our registy number: 400134610746

If you would prefer a shopping free option,

a monetary gift would also be truly appreciated!

Our Wedding

Wedding Party

Patrice Mason

Maid of Honor


I am Natalie's better half, her favourite sister, and I am often referred to as the travelling hippie - my name is Patrice!

I have known Natalie for 27 glorious years! My all time dream came true when my little sister, Natalie, was born! All I wished for at the sweet age of 6 was for a sister!

Natty, you have made every occasion for our family, like Xmas, that much more special, as your adorable youth keeps us all young and on our toes!

Heather Kirk


They say you can't choose your family, luckily for me I wouldn't want it any other way. Not only do I have Natalie in my life as a friend but cousin too!

Although living on the opposite sides of the country for most of our lives, we always found a way back together; whether that meant family vacations or me invading her space to live with her for a summer (what happens at 204, stays at 204).

The best thing about our relationship is that it always has a way of picking up where we left off no matter the time in between.

"Together forever and never apart, maybe in distance but never in heart".

Alana Mcintyre


I met Natalie when we were both awkward pre-teens starting grade 7 at a new school. Her honesty, silliness, kindness, and genuine humble personality caused me to immediately want to be friends with her.

Over the years I was able to experience Natalie coming out of her shell; her hilarious mannerisms and humour were infectious, and her unwavering loyalty and support for close friends was especially strong.

While we spent our university years on opposite sides of the country, it was a pretty amazing experience to come back together as roomies when we were both living in Calgary. Living together in our 20’s gave us both the gym buddy we needed, a room mate to watch cheesy TV shows with, relationship and emotional support, a drinking buddy not only for the nights on the town but also the dance parties in the kitchen.

Ashlee Upton


My Name is Ashlee and I love Nicolas Cage, Horror Movies & Pizza.

When I first met Natalie I was afraid one if not two of these vices would frighten her away, but lucky for me, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

We met in the summer of 2015, or the summer of love as I now call it; and although we have yet to watch a scary movie together, and likely never will, our friendship has developed into one I couldn’t imagine living without.


Patrick Mah

Best Man

I'm Patrick - I like bad movies, things with two wheels, and picking things up and putting them down.

I've known Aaron for more than 20 years and watched him go through the metamorphosis of becoming the weirdo he is today.

My first memory of Aaron was laughing my face off when he fainted while waiting in line for a vaccination in elementary school. Now we're best friends.

Thomas Reid


Hey everyone! My name is Thomas and I could tell you some crazy stories from my friendship with Aaron, but maybe those are better saved for side conversations ;)

I have known Aaron for 25 years (wow! has it been that long? Seriously?), we first met in kindergarten when my family moved to Carstairs from Calgary. I guess they liked the small town feeling. It's been quite the friendship, from little 5 year old's to now 30 year old's we have had some crazy adventures. None of which are like the adventure Aaron and Natalie are entering into. I am honoured to stand up for one of my best friends on his wedding day and cannot wait to see what's next for Aaron and Natalie as they write the next chapter in their story. Just don't forget your bud, Aaron!

Huan Vo


Our story starts with two young men in a diner. Why a diner? Because they had a problem they could not figure out.

At their wits end, they decided to get some pancakes and coffee. Perhaps the change of atmosphere would spark some inspiration and ease the mounting frustrations. There they talked about many things and soon discovered they had a lot in common. They left the diner that day, with napkin plans in hand and a new found friend.

Many years later, as the two men worked tirelessly to develop their career, one of them decided it was time to settle down. He searched high and low for the right girl. Finally he found someone online, but things were off to a rocky start. Did this girl actually like him? Why did she keep cancelling their first dates? He wasn't sure, so he turned to his old friend for advice.

Once again, they sat down for pancakes and coffee to work out this new problem. Leaving the diner that day, the man decided to try again. All his patience and efforts were not in vain, their first date went great, as did their second, then their Valentines.... the rest is history.

Brian Brunning


I'm the old one of the bunch, hello, I'm Brian. Aaron and I have been friends since 2006, well more like 2007 and no one really knows how it happened. It probably went something like this; Aaron and I were attending school, I was leeching his brain for knowledge to get through my abstinance of education. I think I told him a couple wild stories you'd roll your eyes to and he had them all confirmed. That's when he came back for more....

We've had many fun years together since, traveled to Mexico and released Sea Turtles, enjoyed cruises with our cars, music festivals, home town reunions and BBQ till our belly bursts! Aaron is an incredible friend and I am honored to be part of this special day that unites him with Natalie!

Our Wedding

Ceremony & Reception - RSVP

Wedding Ceremony/Reception

Sunday, December 31, 2017 - 2:00 pm

Cornerstone Theatre will be hosting both our ceremony and reception on the big day! This venue is romantic, cozy and a perfect place to say our "I Dos" and then dance the night away!


1:30 PM: Doors open, guests arrive

2:00 PM: Ceremony starts


6:00 PM: Doors open for guests

6:00 PM - 7:00 PM: Cocktails and appetizers

7:30 PM: Dinner

RSVP Instructions

Please let us know if you can join us for this wonderful day by clicking the RSVP button.

We ask that you kindly RSVP before October 15, 2017.

Our Wedding

Rehearsal Party - RSVP

Rehearsal Party

Saturday, December 30, 2017 - 6:00 pm

Before we say I do, we would love to enjoy an evening full of great conversation and food surrounded by our family and friends.

Who is invited to the rehearsal party? Everyone!

What can I expect for the evening? Yummy food, lots of visiting and dancing the night away to some live music!

What should I wear? Dress attire is casual

RSVP Instructions: Please let us know if you can join us for this evening by clicking the RSVP button.

We ask that you kindly RSVP before October 15, 2017.

Our Wedding


We have arranged a guest room block at the Coast Canmore Hotel & Conference Centre. This hotel is a 5 minute walk from our venue and will also be hosting our rehearsal party on Saturday night.

How to Reserve a Room:

- Please call 1-800-663-1144

- Tell your representative that you are booking under the

Riddle-Mason Wedding and confirm that it is the Coast

Canmore location

Note – The hotel has a 2 night minimum stay in effect on the evening of December 31st (for everyone). This means that guests will not be able to only book this one night, you must book for both December 30th and 31st to be eligible for our rates.

Exception – We have arranged for a limited number of rooms under our contract to be booked solely for the evening of December 31st. If you are interested in staying for only one night, please contact Aaron and Natalie as soon as possible. Your reservation will have to be coordinated through us in order to override the above rule.


The Coast Canmore Hotel is just a suggestion of the many beautiful places that you can stay in Canmore. If you are interested in learning about other potential options or would like any advice, please chat with us!

About Us

Proposal - Aaron's Version

Ever since I knew I was going to propose to Natalie, I had a plan on how I wanted to do it, that always kept coming to the top of the list. I wanted to recreate one of our most special dates, our second date.

This plan came together in the end beautifully but the day started out rough.

I woke up with a really awful migraine that had me feeling rather ill. This could very likely had been caused by the fact the ring was a day late in showing up. It was arriving in the morning and I had a difficult time not thinking about it while going to sleep.

I can’t keep secrets from Natalie at all, so I was madly panicking inside as I had no idea how the packaging was going to look and how to make up a lie about what it was. Since I did not know the look of the package, I had to act on the fly when I received it and make a game time decision on telling natalie "what it was." Luckily, she believed it was lights for my truck which I had been talking about and she was in the shower so I quickly hid it.

I immediately tore into the package after she left for her 90 min massage. Perfect - lots of time to put together the plan of all plans!

I already had the card options for the date ready to go. During our second date I provided Natalie option cards throughout the night to pick the next activity in our adventurous date. This time the options were pretty limited… “Will You Marry Me?” was simply option 1 and option 2.

Excellent! Headache is dissipating and my level of anxiety of pulling this off in such a short time starts to take effect!

I had 90 minutes until she was done her massage. I ran out for New Year's Eve supplies and caught the future in-laws at home to have a chat about my intentions and “The Plan”.

The execution of the plan was really going to be the tough part of the night. Ring… Check! Cards… Check! Right… Pack up the skates for our night down on the lagoon at Prince’s Island Park.

Okay, one detail that I have missed… it’s pretty cold out… challenge 1. Challenge 2, the decoy of going to zoo lights failed as after her massage we realized zoo lights are closing in, oh, 30 minutes. Then she mentions how cold it is out… one would say the feeling that came to me suddenly was some mild panic...

I bring up the idea of going skating. The reaction to this was not filled with excitement, from the fact it was cold and she just had a massage. I leveraged the fact she gave me grief about date nights recently. It worked! She agreed to go skating. Before she could change her mind on this we got ready and left the house.

This was not an easy drive. Ring in pocket and filled with excitement and fear she will think something is up… I play it as cool as I can. I couldn’t tell you a single thing we talked about until we were out of the truck and walking to the ice.

To distract from the cold I start “The Plan”. I initiate conversation about our second date and where we are now compared to then. Reflecting out that date and how I actually went out skating twice before so I wouldn’t fall.

We get our skates on and it’s definitely cold, but I know what’s coming so I keep her talking about random things to fill time until “The Moment”.

Suddenly the last people leave the ice. Snow is falling. Music playing. Spot lights shining.

I stop her from skating and say I have a surprise! I have option cards for what we do next, just like our second date!

Time slows to a crawl. I hold out both hands and ask her to pick what we do next. Little did she know what was about to happen.

Card opens… Ring comes out… Knee goes down… Tears and happiness fill the air. The magical moment I had imagined turned out better than I could have ever hoped.

About Us

Proposal - Natalie's Version

A regular Friday night turned into something magical for me on December 30th, 2016.

Since the end of the year was just around the corner, I wanted to use up the last of my benefits and coincidentally booked myself a massage at 6:00 pm on that Friday night. After it was finished, I picked up some pizza for us to enjoy and thought that I would be coming home to an evening of movie watching and red wine.

When I got back, Aaron nonchalantly suggested that we do something different and go out and enjoy Zoo Lights or perhaps skating downtown at Prince's Island Park. At first, I was like heck no (as it was close to minus twenty outside) and I had just gotten home from a massage! But, I had just given him heck about planning date nights earlier in the week, so I reluctantly agreed and got myself ready to go.

We missed out on Zoo Lights because of timing, so the plan was to go downtown and skate under the Christmas lights at Prince's Island Park. This is a very special spot for us, as Aaron took me here to go skating as well on our second date (that he planned)!

It is kind of funny how everything works, because when we got there, we had the entire place to ourselves… The Christmas lights were still lit, the view of downtown was beautiful and it started to snow that fluffy snow globe snow… everything was perfect.

We skated around for a couple of hours and reminisced about our relationship and how far we have come from that second date. Aaron was acting super lovey dovey, but I just attributed it to where we were and what that spot meant to us. At this point, I did not think that the night was anything but a romantic evening out with my partner in crime.

But, before I knew it… things changed! Aaron stopped skating and told me that we were going back in time and honoring our second date.

The date that he planned in early January of 2014 was a “choose your own adventure date.” Each activity throughout the night was determined by me blindly picking between two secret options.

Fast forward to us skating downtown, Aaron told me to pick a hand (so that our next activity would be chosen).

I cannot remember if I picked left or right, but I opened up a slip of paper that asked “will you marry me”.

About Us

Our Story

Our story starts with a smile…

That is step one on eHarmony for finding your perfect match . Yes, we met online and could not imagine it happening any other way.

After getting to know each other a little bit, we decided that our first date would be at a comedy show. All it took was one awkward wave (Aaron), Natalie pummeling Aaron with questions throughout the entire show to avoid any uncomfortable silence, a decision to go watch Hunger games and then sitting in Aaron’s truck for four hours after the movie to know that this was something special.

This happened in January 2014 and the rest is history.

The biggest thing that we love and appreciate about our relationship is how much fun we have together. Whether it is making delicious breakfasts in the morning, going to the nearest waterpark, playing with Mulligan, cheering for opposite teams at a Flames game, pizza night Fridays, game nights, family dinners or a quick prank – there is a ton of laughter and happiness in our house.

About Us


I was raised on a farm outside the town of Carstairs, where I begin my life journey.

My journey began with my two amazing parents, Alan and Ann. It’s very difficult to come up with words to show my appreciation for everything you’ve done for me and with me over the years. From starting a junior curling club so I could feed the competitive spirit and spend countless hours in curling rinks growing up. To always being there supporting me through all my endeavours and projects that I would always bring to the house. You never hesitated to help, even when the project seemed a bit crazy.

My sister, Angelina, thanks for putting up with all my scare tactics and playing mini hockey sticks in the basement for endless hours. Oh, I almost forgot, thanks for playing that 2nd player on Nintendo so I could take over and use the lives to try to beat the tough levels. It's truly amazing to see the incredible mother you've become over the years to Avril.

Fast forward to when my journey had a change of pace, when I met Natalie. I always wondered when I would meet the one and it didn’t take long for me to realize that this was no longer something to wonder about. The last few years have been the best yet with her by my side and, of course our dog, Mr Mulligan as well.

New Year's Eve is approaching faster than we know it. I cannot wait to start filling in the next chapter of our story together.

About Us


I was born and raised in Calgary and to this day remain a faithful Flames fan.

As the youngest of four siblings, it was definitely a crazy and adventurous ride growing up in Team 204. My family has helped shape me into the person that I am today and I am extremely grateful for their continued love, support and life lessons.

Brent Thank you for showing me how resilience and determination will prevail

Kirk – Thank you for being an example of how to lead with kindness and humility

Patrice – Thank you for continuously inspiring me and showing me the beauty that comes with living in the moment

Mom and Dad – Thank you for everything that you have done to support me and my dreams coming true. Your sacrifices, unconditional love, emotional support, parental chats, home cooked meals and endless nights around the dining room table mean the world to me.

I am a hopeless romantic and have been dreaming about my wedding day since I first started watching Disney movies. Just like Christmas, the countdown is officially on for Aaron and I’s big day!

Until then, you can find me working out, watching reality tv, enjoying a glass of red wine and engulfing myself in Pinterest for inspiration.


News & Updates

Guest Book!!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Do not forget to sign the guest book while you visit our site!!! xox

Natalie and Aaron launch wedsite!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Natalie and Aaron launch their personal wedsite at

Whooooo!!!! It is finally time! We hope you enjoy it as much as we had fun putting it together :)



Family and Friends,

Welcome to the central portal of Wedding Awesomeness!!

We are really excited and grateful to celebrate our marriage surrounded by all of our favorite people this New Year’s Eve.

We have created this website as a fun and special way for friends and family to be involved in the wedding festivities. You can read about how we met, our story, the proposal and who we have chosen to stand with us on our big day!!

There is also information about the rehearsal party on December 30th; ceremony and reception details for December 31st; and how to RSVP to each of these events.


someone comes into your life,

so unexpectedly,

takes your heart by surprise,

and changes

your life forever.

Thank you for sharing in our joy.

See you soon!


Natalie and Aaron



News & Updates

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Our Story

Proposal - Natalie's Version

Proposal - Aaron's Version

Our Wedding


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Natalie Mason & Aaron Riddle

Natalie Mason & Aaron Riddle

Natalie Mason & Aaron Riddle

Natalie Mason & Aaron Riddle

Natalie Mason & Aaron Riddle

Natalie Mason & Aaron Riddle

Natalie Mason & Aaron Riddle

Natalie Mason & Aaron Riddle

Natalie Mason & Aaron Riddle

Natalie Mason & Aaron Riddle

Natalie Mason & Aaron Riddle

Natalie Mason & Aaron Riddle

Natalie Mason & Aaron Riddle

Natalie Mason & Aaron Riddle

Natalie Mason & Aaron Riddle

Natalie Mason & Aaron Riddle

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Until the big day

Happily married

2017-12-31 15:00:00